Suburbs Of Broome

Anyone looking for property to buy or rent in Broome may easily be confused! Many of the developed areas were originally named after the developer’s estate names and these are what the vast majority of the population in Broome have come to know them by and refer to them as such. Newcomers to Broome may well be confused as the official names of various suburbs are barely known.

Another unique twist to Broome is that the mail is not delivered to letterboxes in Broome and in fact all mail is distributed only to mail boxes at either Broome Post Office or Cable Beach Post Office annexe. It is therefore a good idea to rent a post box from Australia Post if you intend moving to Broome!

The main localities of Broome are:

Broome 6725 incorporates “Broome”, “Old Broome Estate”, “Waterfront Estate”, and “Minyirr” which is commonly referred to locally as the “Port Industrial area”.
Cable Beach 6726 incorporates “Cable Beach”, “Sunset Park”, “Sunset Rise” and “Billingurr”.
Djugun (Postcode is 6725 same as Broome) is locally known as “Roebuck Estate”. “Blue Haze” is an Industrial area just outside the Broome Township but is in the suburb of Djugun. “Roebuck” not to be confused with “Roebuck Estate” is the horticultural area out of town but this is known as “1 Mile” (1 mile out of Broome) or “12 Mile” (12 miles out of Broome).